Beneath Three Lamps


Date: 15 Jun 2016
Visibility: Everyone
Duration: 1hr
Participants: @JonnyC, @RichM
Tags: @RichM: Personal Exploration Trip


A short UrbEx and cache close to central Bristol


  • Raven's Well (Bristol, UK)


  • @JonnyC achieved Do some UrbEx from the challenge Forty by forty
  • @RichM achieved 34 urban exploration trip from the challenge Celebrating 50 years of adventures
Comment by @JonnyC on Wednesday 15 June 2016
Having been on the to do list for a while, we applied the 'book a date' methodology to make this trip happen, so de-stressing from work over a quick Italian we prepared ourselves for the adventure ahead, and debated the relative comfort of approaching a subterranean trip in the city as opposed to the countryside.

Before long we were amongst the hounds and making efforts to change covertly in the back of the van, a quick recce was encouraged by the presence of an onlooker. Once changed, and having located the 'V', we gracefully swung ourselves over the wall and traversed the bank.

Ducking through the 1m squeeze wasnt as bad as it looked, although quite a few spiders were cleared during the process. We regained a standing position and it was easy going through shallow, clear spring water, and up the steps.

Navigation was easy, the floor a little uneven, but solid, albeit deep enough to raise the pitch a few times. We stopped to reflect our relative location whilst at the capped shaft beneath the centre of the A37 before pressing on to the springs and cache.

Once achieved, we retraced our steps through stirred up waters to the main entrance and took a little time to explore each option, eventually spotting the railway entrance (blocked) and going through the more constructed sections to the sump.

This was a nice little explore on an evening, nothing too taxing, but a different experience to be in an urban arena, and pleasant to stop and hear the world passing (/driving) by overhead.