Zig-Zagging the Avon and Kennet


Date: 10 Jan 2017
Visibility: Everyone
Duration: 4hrs
Participants: @AdamEvans, @RichM


After a somewhat distracted morning with a roof tent, this was the first proper trip in the K2 for AE. With RM as front man, AE had control of the rudder leading to a much longer trip than necessary. Once the steering was under control, the return trip was a somewhat serene experience despite the physical strain. With no wind and, by some miracle, no rain, the perfect weather for paddling led to a successful afternoon, even returning before dark. Max speed: 9.3km/h Moving av.: 5.9km/h Total: 16.5km Moving time: 2h46m Stop: 33m


  • Avon and Kennet Canal (Bathampton)
  • Dundas Aquaduct (Monkton Combe)


  • @AdamEvans achieved 1 x Complete 4 kayaking logs from the challenge 2 Decade challenge