Redpoint bouldering


Date: 02 Jan 2017
Visibility: Everyone
Duration: 4 hours
Participants: @Kyle,


long bouldering session with some friends, working on tidying up some previous completed routes and tackling the crux's of some unfinished projects.


  • Redpoint Climbing Centre ()
Comment by @Kyle on Wednesday 04 January 2017
arriving at around 3:30 pm for my third climb, Deans second and Georges first we signed in and we took a walk round showing George the layout of the centre. booted and ready to go we moved to the traverse wall to warm up and then into the upper boulder chamber to finish stretching. Suffering from some pretty serious blisters due to soft baby hands. During this session i avoided big jug holds which are prime culprits for causing blisters, i decided to concentrate on more crimp and slopper based holds. flashing some new routes and attempting to make a big dyno the climb was a success.